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Get Freaky Friday: link roundup & more on #ChronicSex

Are you getting married but can’t do regular wedding rings? Check out these alternatives!

Mental health issues can be crippling. If you’re in love with someone dealing with anxiety or depression, definitely read up on them. It may surprise you when you learn that your partner’s anxiety is why they work so hard or just how consuming depression can be.

Both of those can cause very real and awful physical pain too, so brush up on ways to support your loved one through that.

Making sure that you follow the six steps laid out by Arthur’s Place – communication, picking your moment, preparing your body, foreplay, positions, and confidence – can make all the difference. So can sex toys!

Mariah is one of my favorite people, hands down. She wrote this great piece back in 2014 about how to initiate a conversation with your doctor about sex. It’s a must read! She also has written great pieces about scheduling sex, how RA can affect your sex life, how to talk with your partner, and how to improve your sex life.

No matter your condition, you can have a great sex life. Rachelle Friendman lives with quadriplegia and still does! She also proves that you can still look super sexy, no matter what. After all, Oracle/Barbara Gordon from Batman has historically been sexy and disabled.

Beauty & confidence start from within, so make sure you work on your self-love & self-care.

There has been a standard in the media regarding depicting female versus male pleasure. Many movies that show females orgasming, etc, get NC-17 ratings instead of the R ratings movies showing men cum get. Perhaps, though, this is changing with Magic Mike, 50 Shades (BARF, but okay), and other films along with strong feminists who embrace their own sexuality like Nicki Minaj.

Speaking of orgasms, here are 23 facts about them that you never knew.

Idolizing virginity & purity and shaming sexually active youngsters does not do anyone any favors. In fact, those comparisons to chewed gum do tons of mental damage, especially when you consider that a large number of first sexual encounters are forced in one way or another. We should, in all honesty, begin sexual education far earlier than we do.

Come enjoy the cuddle sutra!

Oh, and by the way…

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