Setting Limitations

What is one way you set limits for work invading home or home invading work?

I think this is a hard question for me to answer since in reality I have multiple roles that involve work at home.

My full-time day job is really dedicated to not allowing people to work outside of normal hours. I’m really grateful for this, because supporting around forty physicians could really take over someone’s life.

In the blogging and activism world, though, this is something I struggle with.

If I’m not blogging, then I’m engaging other activists and chronically amazing people in conversation, following a conference, participating in chats, and more.

The weekend before Christmas was the first weekend I’ve actually fully ‘taken off’ from everything in years and years. I simply existed – we did some final holiday shopping, wrapped gifts, and I napped A LOT.

It was so nice, to be so present and focused on the here and now instead of saving the world. Don’t get me wrong – if that was my whole life, I’d be eternally bored. However, it was a nice change of pace.

It allowed me, too, to focus on some other self-care/self-love practices that I want to improve upon like taking selfies.

I even bought a selfie stick to practice this more, since it was only $5 at Target.

In the past, there hasn’t been much balance to my life. I’ve either thrown my whole heart and soul into something or sat twiddling my thumbs (usually due to a lack of access to things like transportation, etc).

December taught me that I can still be an activist, still be involved in so much, without sacrificing my everything – time with my husband, with our guinea pigs, Skyping with my sister and niblings, etc.

My promise to them is to rest more like this, to recharge so that I can be the best sister, wife, and piggie momma that I can be.

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