Have you ever tried yoga? What is your favourite pose?

I’ve been doing yoga and meditating since I was roughly 12-years-old. That’s the one good thing Cosmopolitan Magazine introduced me to.

Shortly after I started, I could even do shoulder stands. It’s pretty impressive, given my lack of physical activity and the presence of multiple chronic illnesses.

As of this time last year, I stopped practicing for a while. I had awful hip bursitis, and my rheumatologist and I were worried about putting all my weight on some of my joints.

Now that I’ve been through some pretty intense physical therapy, I’m slowly starting again.

For the moment, my favorite pose is probably the bridge (the second Babar down on the right). It helps to strengthen so many of my joints and muscles, something that I desperately need. Doing it with my feet on a pilates ball makes it more difficult, but AMAZING.

Have you tried yoga? If so, what is YOUR favorite pose?

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