I had been toying around for a while with the idea of creating bracelets in order to raise awareness and show off how strong us patients are.
The other day I felt really adventurous so guess what?
They’re stretchy and made of rainbows! Okay, that’s what I tell myself, but the rainbow color is really nice. They say ‘Not Standing Still’s Disease’ on them.
If you take a look at the sidebar to the right of this post, there’s a spot to purchase them. They’re $5 each with a $1 charge for shipping in the US and a $5 charge for shipping around the world. The shipping costs do not go up if you order more than one.
Right now I only have 30 bracelets, but will get more if there is a lot of interest in them, so please keep me updated! And I’d love to hear if you have other items or products you think would be fun to have.


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