chronic pain

Ten things I LOVE about me! #pam16

Self-love isn’t always an easy thing. Even more, it isn’t easy to share that stuff with others. With Pain Awareness Month going on, it’s even more important to share these things in order to help each other deal with our illnesses – in order to help us all improve how we look at loving ourselves.
So here, in no particular order, are the ten things I love about myself:
  1. My willingness to embrace new ideas.
  2. My compassionate heart.
  3. My fighting spirit.
  4. My love for animals.
  5. My sense of humor.
  6. My blunt, truth-telling nature.
  7. My cooking skills.
  8. My eyes.
  9. My vulnerability.
  10. My love of learning.
What are some things you love about yourself?

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