Off to Cali!

I am SO excited (and hella nervous) to head back to MedX this year. 
See, I’m presenting on Chronic Sex for the Health Care Innovation day AKA talking to patients, healthcare providers, medical system reps, insurance reps, and venture capitalists… AKA I may vomit. This is a huge opportunity for me to get news about Chronic Sex out there in addition to potentially securing some funding.
After MedX, I get to visit my sister and the kiddos. I’m excited to spend time with them and play with them. I also get to visit some close friends that I haven’t met in person before, which is going to be amazing!
Then I’m off to Los Angeles for the For Grace: 9th Annual Women in Pain Conference on “Pain Takes a Vacation: Actions and Strategies that Get Us Away.”
You can live-stream both so make sue to check into it!
I’ll be away for the next two weeks ish. Take care of you!

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  1. So excited for you and these awesome adventures/endeavors! No one deserves it more. 🙂 Love to you, my sweet friend!!!!

  2. I hope I can stream it. Please post updates as to when you're going on, etc. You'll make it awesome!!

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