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September #SelfCareChallenge

It’s no secret that I have a love of self-care talk. It’s been a while since I talked a lot about it here just because I’ve been busy, haha.
And trying to get better at self-care while busy.
One of my favorite things to do is to be incredibly nerdy and adorable, as illustrated by this picture of me hanging out with Alex Kingston and David Tennant. Obviously, um, I don’t do this often, but it was a big self-care thing meeting them and speaking with them.
David said my name later in the day when I snagged his autograph – and said it correctly in his beautiful Scottish accent. I told him how the version of Hamlet starring him and Patrick Stewart is my favorite.
It was a great day.
When I feel crummy or like I haven’t accomplished much in my life, I remind myself of conversations and cool things like that. It reminds me that I’m cooler than I think.
Why do I bring all this up? Because my pals over at Self Care Movement are having a September #SelfCareChallenge! If you’d like to participate:

Post a photo of yourself doing something that boosts self-care (eating clean, exercising, spending time with family, whatever makes you feel good), tag #selfcaremvmt and nominate a friend to help us build a strong self-care movement!
You can follow the Self Care Movement on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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