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Review: Axon Optics

I have been given this product as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by Axon Optics.
No one likes migraines. I’ve been getting them for a lot of my life and I can say I’ve never enjoyed them once. More than that, some medications just exacerbate the pain. Because of that, I generally use muscle relaxers, if any medicine, to help.
So, when I was giving the chance to review glasses from Axon Optics that can help those of us who have photosensitivity with migraines – and does so without needing a prescription – I was like ‘bring it on!”
That excitement only grew more as I learned more about the company itself. Dr. Bradley Katz developed these glasses based both on research and his interactions with his patients. There are a number of styles to be able to accommodate patients, including one that fits over prescription glasses – and they’re willing to listen to what you want and/or need if they don’t currently have it!
They even have a scholarship of $1000 that migraine patients can apply for in addition to tons of science about photosensitivity in migraines.
I have a company crush. No big deal.
I really appreciated how the packaging of this product was. Having the little box in addition to the glasses case and a cleaning rag were really helpful for me. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I was worried about how these might travel and my inability to remember to put my sunglasses in their giant case… This helped immensely.
I’m proud to say my glasses are intact and free from both smudges or scratches, despite going all over with me lately!
But do they work aside from making me look fabulous?
I’m happy to say they do!
While traveling, I often snag migraines due to a number of factors from smells to light to physical exhaustion. Using these while flying has significantly decreased the intensity of my migraines. I tend to use these while sitting in the airport or traveling between gates.
Using them at home has helped as well. I got a newer laptop with better brightness control over the summer which helped a bit. I was still having symptoms, though, when I received my glasses. I had about a week of nearly non-stop migraines after coming back from California at the end of September. When I came back, my glasses were waiting for me.
I was beyond ecstatic.
While these glasses didn’t make it so that I didn’t have my super-long migraine (or multiple migraines) they did greatly reduce the intensity of my migraines during this time period.
My one critique is that I have some issues with sinus pressure and pain. Since I get a lot of upper respiratory infections, I get this pain pretty often. Wearing any glasses can be a little more difficult during this time period. I will say that these glasses are a lot lighter weight-wise than sunglasses that I might wear, making it slightly easier to put up with them during that pain. Since this happens for any glasses, though, it really doesn’t affect what I think about this great product!
Want to snag your own glasses? Check out the styles here!


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