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#JointDecisions Chat Tuesday!

Don’t forget to join me and RheumaBlog Wren for the next Joint Decisions chat over on Twitter!
Twitter chats are among my favorite things. Not sure how to participate in one?
We generally list questions as Q# with # being replaced with the actual question number we’re putting up. To answer, the easiest thing is to start your tweet with A#, using the number associated with the question. You do also need to include To illustrate, an answer to “Q1: Please introduce yourself #jointdecisions” is “A1 I’m Kirsten and I have purple hair! #jointdecisions”.
Don’t say you’re me, though 🙂
The questions are brilliant and I wish I could share them with you now BUT you’ll just have to tune in on Tuesday, October 25 at 6 pm Eastern/5 pm Central/4 pm Mountain/3 pm Pacific.
You can click here to be taken to the live Twitter feed in order to participate.

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