joint decisions

I’m off to the 2016 Joint Decisions Empowerment Summit

I’m so excited to be heading to Philadelphia today for the Joint Decisions Empowerment Summit! 
It’ll be my second time in Philly this year and I’m excited to share some of the brotherly-love-magic with my pals. I’m also incredibly excited about being able to meet up with some of my fellow patients and doing some really cool things.
Join us on Saturday, October 15th, for a LIVE Facebook chat with my pal Rhonda Waters.
While you’re at it, make sure you mark Tuesday, October 25th as a special day on your calendar, too! I will be co-hosting a Joint Decisions chat on Twitter about “Stretching Your Private Voice: Helping Yourself Cope with the Challenges of RA.” The chat runs from 6-7 PM Eastern.
You can always keep up with all Joint Decisions events here AND you can even subscribe to their mailing list!

PS: Janssen is paying for my travel expenses for the summit in addition to providing me compensation. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own!

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