Dear Current Rheumatologist #HAWMC

Time to get real.Write a letter to the best or worst healthcare professional you’ve seen. Don’t hold back.
Dear current rheumatologist,
Thank you for listening to me, no matter how my anxiety influences what I say.
Thank you for always keeping in touch not only with my primary care doctor but also with my dentist as we work to fix my nasty mouth.
Thank you for treating me like an equal, for always being excited to hear about the conferences I’ve gone to and the information I can share, but then also stressing the importance of self-care as I work too hard on these things a lot.
Thank you for sending me to get trigger point injections, for being willing to try whatever we can to work on my fibromyalgia. I cry every time I get to my car post-injection because it shouldn’t have taken so long to get my fibro diagnosis or to be referred for these injections – because you care enough to try whatever might help.
Two years ago I called your office to ask if there was familiarity with SJIA/Still’s there. I was expecting a nurse to call me back about the potentials of taking me on as a patient. Instead, you called me. You talked to me for over half an hour about what treatments I was on and why certain treatments hadn’t been looked at yet, and you told me what your plan would be for me. After we got off the phone, I filled out the form to change insurances so that I could come see you.
You sent me through some of the most intense physical therapy I’ve ever been in and it has helped me immensely. You banned me from yoga which I was mad about at first, but then you explained why, explained how much weaker my body was than I had noticed. With that PT, I built up to yoga again and learned how to recognize the signs of when I was pushing it too far.
You’re always open to my ideas and my data, something that not all health care peeps are into. 
I am so incredibly lucky to have you as my rheumatologist and as someone working hard, not only for me but for so many others as well.

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  1. Dear current Rhuemy, thanks. Dear former Rhuemy, thanks. Dear current endocrinologist, thanks. Dear doctors before my current endocrinologist? ahh not thank you so much.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. So often you hear of people talking about the bad drs and very little about the GOOD drs, the ones who care and help and listen. SO happy you have someone like that on your side. Its such an incredible gift and sadly one not everyone has.

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