Dealing with Tough Days #HAWMC

Today’s Health Activist Writing Month Challenge prompt: Everyone has tough days, but how do you pull yourself out of the rut? Maybe you blog, repeat affirmations or listen to a favorite playlist. Write about what tools, tips or practices you use to lift your spirits after a rough patch.
I do whatever I can to grab inspiration or laugh.
I listen to Hamilton. I remind myself why I fight for things, because “where I come from, some get half as many” years as I have so far. 
Sometimes, though, that doesn’t work or, oddly enough, makes how I’m feeling worse… like right after the election. I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m very anti-Trump. The man is not someone that is a safe person for those of us with disabilities as well as many many others.
I try not to get into politics here, but this isn’t politics as usual.
Sometimes I just need something that makes me laugh. I watch a lot of Monty Python or adult-theme cartoons like South Park and Bob’s Burgers. Other times, I need something where I just get invested like Cake Wars or other baking/cooking competitions.
Other times, I really really like to get my scare on. American Horror Story or horror films are where it’s at for me. I really enjoy exorcism or asylum-related things or episodes of shows involving ghost hunting. 
The guinea pigs sure help, too.
What do you do during a rough day?

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  1. I enjoy cuddling up with my favorite blanket and sipping on a good cup of tea while I wait to be frightened by a horror movie! B-horror can really get to me sometimes because then it's terror and laughter! We'll have to share recommendations.

  2. Most definitely on those recommendations! I just watched Housebound yesterday and it was great. It's a horror flick from New Zealand and more like Shaun of the Dead than super super scary, but incredibly well done so I definitely recommend it.

  3. I am always open for a good laugh. Laughing is the medicine of the soul. Laughing gives me a change to open myself to others. It is the very best.

  4. It's not really "horror, horror" but you might like What We Do in the Shadows. I'll have to check out Housebound today, thanks!!

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