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5 Ways to Avoid Getting Regular People Sick with a Chronic Illness

A few years ago, I was on some treatments that resulted in my picking up nearly every sickness going around. Of course, that means I’ve also turned those illnesses from regular-people-sick to antibiotic-needing-sick. In the last few years, though, I’ve made some changes and now the only thing I tend to get are colds!
Today, I’m sharing some of my tips.
1. Hand sanitizer
I have been traveling a good amount. When I do, hand sanitizer is a major go-to.
I don’t do well with washing my hands in a lot of public places. Don’t get it twisted – I wash my hands. The problem is that I have temperature sensitivity. If I can’t control the temperature of the water, my hands have some major problems. The same if there is only a dryer instead of paper towels.
I like saving the earth. I get why many places have dryers only. The problem is that this isn’t accessible and then I pay for doing what I should and washing my hands.
Solution: hand sanitizer.
It definitely helps when you’re touching parking ramp door handles, taking public transportation, and tons more in public too.
2. Medical masks
Now, I don’t always follow my own advice on this one, but I try to use medical masks when I fly for just that reason – especially during cold and flu season.
Let’s be honest – we’d all hope someone super sick wouldn’t be on a plane BUT flights are incredibly expensive. If I’m not well, I certainly can’t afford to miss a flight. Even rescheduling is hard, especially if you’re traveling for business reasons. It’s silly to hold others to higher standards than we hold ourselves.
There are tons of medical masks out there. Vogmask is one company that people just love with cute designs that make it feel less… medical.
3. Get your shots
Get your shots to protect against the flu, pneumonia, etc. Make sure that you stay on top of these. I haven’t gotten the flu once in a few years since I started getting immunized – despite working at a university and being in a clinic all the time.
4. Get some rest
One of the easiest ways to get sick is to avoid taking care of yourself. Stress plus hygiene issues plus chronic illness fun? It’s a recipe for disaster.
Go practice some self-care. Unwind. Relax.
Visit this Pinterest board for some self-love and self-care ideas.
5. Don’t share
If you commonly share things with loved ones (especially kids), it’s always a good idea to limit that when there are sicknesses going around. It’s not easy, I know, but it’s a good thing to get out of the habit of doing.
What are some of your tips for not getting ‘regular people’ sick?


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  1. Love these tips and hope they help remind *someone* to wear her mask in the airport. 😉 I have been a little too careless on that front lately! I do love my Vogmasks!

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