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Nortriptyline, Day 5

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Last night was my fifth dose of nortriptyline. As noted previously, there isn’t expected to be much improvement until later on once the medication has been able to build up in the system.
The nausea is easing up a tad, though not much. It seems to be more recurring than constant which is an improvement. That said, after dinner last night, I nearly threw up everywhere.
I put the other half of my pizza in the fridge and decided it was a good time to get out my daily Kineret shot so that it could warm up. It makes the shot hurt a lot less and I wind up with fewer bruises and marks that way. We keep my meds in what would be the meat drawer in a normal household. This way they’re more insulated if the power were to go out, but they’re also always in the same spot and don’t get crushed if I drop a Coke can, etc.
I bent down, took out the box, grabbed a shot, and set it on the counter. As I bent back down to put the box back, I got nauseous. As I came back up – something that’s been giving me trouble lately anyway – I nearly threw up. Twice.
After a mad dash to the bathroom and sitting in front of the toilet for about ten minutes, the feeling passed and I was okay.
I definitely felt like I was on the verge of throwing up all night, though.
Whether or not this is med-related, I don’t know. I do know that my nausea has generally increased due to this med, but also that my GI tract isn’t processing food the right way. Since I had just eaten a real meal, it could be more due to that than the meds.
From a migraine perspective, I haven’t really noticed much improvement. I’m still waking up with some headache that may or may not improve after taking my morning meds and stretching.
I do feel like my mood has improved slightly. I can’t say whether that’s from the meds, the pain easing up, or the long weekend and spending more time with T.
On another note, my back pain has eased up a bit as well. I believe the EMG and nerve conduction study amplified my pain for a few days, a combination of laying on an uncomfortable exam bed for over an hour and my already angry nerves being zapped.
That said, I’ve also been moving in ways that are within limits my body is currently setting instead of trying to push myself so much. I could see that helping as well.

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  1. I hope the medication works out. I have a nausea thing that happens with (I am not kidding here) ear crystals. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is as close as I can get understanding medication nausea. Yuck!! I hope it gets better.

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    I hope you will give your input.

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