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Nortriptyline, Day 1

square photo with thicker outline in black on the left side and white on the right side; pic in the middle is capsules in a pill bottle top, but distorted and unfocused; white text towards top middle says "Nortriptyline, Day 1" and bottom middle says "not standing still's disease"
As I brought up yesterday, my neurologist started me on Pamelor (Nortriptyline) as a preventative for migraines. It can help others when the right dose is reached. The pharmacist told me it could take over a month for this medication to start working. To help others, I wanted to document how this process goes. This won’t be a daily update, but every so often.
I wrote the post yesterday after taking this first pill. It was recommended to take it at night as it can cause drowsiness.
By the end of writing that post yesterday, that hadn’t kicked in as much as nausea had. It was really bad.
I spent time in bed, trying not to vomit.
I also couldn’t get comfortable at all. I was laying in bed and snuggling my husband while breathing like I was giving birth on top of the nausea. The pain in my lower back was so severe that I thought I was going to pass out. I should’ve said something to T, but I physically could not.
There was no way to take my attention off the pain. It was so all-consuming – far worse than it’s been recently.  That’s scary on its own. I just set up an appointment with my primary care doctor to discuss what to do with this disc after messaging back and forth with one of the nurses.
As for the nortriptyline, I have not noticed any improvements regarding my headache/migraine-topia as of yet… nor did I expect to.

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