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With how much many patients have been utilizing CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, I wanted to list some resources here for people to learn more about it.
In addition to listing various ways you might find CBD, they’ve pulled together a large list of conditions and what CBD does for them. They’re also super nice.
This site has a great collection of information on all things CBD. From their beginner’s guide to videos to a clinical journal, they have a lot to offer as well.
Other popular sites about CBD (and marijuana itself) include Leafly Medical Jane, High Times, The Cannabist, and NORML.
Get CBD:
Canna Treehouse offers the lotions I mention below from The Fay Farm in addition to a variety drops, mints, lotions, and other items.
Liberty Lotion is one of the first affiliates I’ve had on this site. I’ve tried their tincture (see below for review) and their lotion, and love both. They have lip balm as well that I’m dying to try. If you use the code NSSD, you can save 10% off any order!
My Reviews:

Bonus: Me discussing using edibles (and pot) for the first time


Make sure to check on laws for your state if looking at CBD oil containing THC or marijuana.

Last updated Sept 2017.

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