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Nortriptyline, Day 9 & Spine PT

photo of a lightbulb hanging down with a white line down the right side and a black box on the bottom with white text: "Nortriptyline, Day 9 & Spine PT" and "Not Standing Still's Disease"
First, the nortriptyline update: The nausea is still strong. I spent all morning yesterday running errands post-doc appt while trying not to throw up. I’m still dealing with headaches – well, until this morning, because I finally got some real sleep.
My appointment yesterday was with my GP to talk about my bulging disc. She’s sending me for spine PT which starts on the 18th. If that doesn’t help in the next 4-6 weeks, we’ll talk again and consult someone about what else we might be able to do before moving to surgery. This means I’ll be doing pelvic floor PT and spinal PT at the same time.
She also gave me a new script for cyclobenzaprine. I used to take that regularly and then my former rheumy stopped prescribing it, and the newer one didn’t want to. 
Of course, I had to sit through the ‘losing weight helps’ speech at my appointment. I’m so tired of hearing that, especially as I’m saying I can barely sleep, walk, and do anything. Like, that’s not the time to lecture me on my weight.
The cyclobenzaprine, even at a half dose, helped immensely. I was able to sleep last night, in my bed. It’s been weeks since I woke up in my bed at a normal time.
I even slept another few hours this morning.
All that said, my headache/migraine is easing up with the sleep. My back pain is becoming more prominent, though. I’m not too worried about that for now, especially since I only did a small dose of my cyclobenzaprine.
Maybe now that I’m able to sleep more, the nortriptyline will start working.

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