Double-Duty PT Starts Next Week

selfie of me in the car with sunglasses on, making a duck lips face; I'm wearing a grey sheer v neck tee with a black strappy bra underneath that is showing outside the v; to the right is a brownish blackish box with white text "Double-Duty PT Starts Next Week" and a white text box with black text "Not Standing Still's Disease"
I had my first spine PT appointment today. 
My spine PT is great. She recognized my autonomy as an engaged patient and even recommended a textbook on pain to me. It has newer research in it, so I’m on the hunt. Most of all, I appreciated that she’s funny, too. We talked about high Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) scores, the increased prevalence of fibromyalgia in abuse survivors, and safe vacuuming tips.
She even recommended basically a textbook on pain for me. I’m pretty excited to hunt for an affordable copy.
Physical therapy kicked my ass, even though it was just the evaluation. We even got my pelvic floor PT, which was scheduled to start next week in a different health system, switched to this system and location. 
Scheduling these sessions back to back may kill me, but we shall see. I’ll probably have to write off Mondays as self-care days for the next few weeks/months.
I looked cute today at least!

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