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State Fair

So my boyfriend and I went to the State Fair yesterday. I was a little worried about how I would handle it, but I think I found something that helps the pain be not so bad. Obviously, wearing sneakers instead of my flip-flops helped a lot (boyfriend’s idea, of course). I took three ibuprofen before even leaving the house. More than that, though, we stopped and sat down quite a bit.

It seems like the more I open up to people about what I’m going through, the more understanding they are. Friends at work are a little more understanding when I get flustered and so is the boyfriend. If I had realized in the past how much better my life would be with a little more communication on my part, I would’ve started a million years ago.

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  1. I have to wear sneakers all the time when I go anywhere in which walking is involved. And taking little breaks is a must. Generally, my disease is so bad that I can GO for a max of 20 mins, then I require a 5 – 10 min break. Yes, it totally sucks, but it's better than being in bed all the time! Just listen to your body, it's the only way to go

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