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Not Necessarily Still’s Related

People who have compromised immune systems tend to have more than one auto-immune disorder. Allergies are usually a big part of the situation too. This makes sense when you examine what an allergy is.

If you’re allergic to something, your body tries to fight it off. A ‘normal’ person might not have this same reaction to, say, coconuts. So someone with an allergy would then try to avoid coconuts right? Well, what happens if you’re allergic to cold medicine? I tried not to take any cold medicine, except that I was getting progressively sicker. Finally, I gave in and started taking some Tussin. Unfortunately, the allergic reaction that my body is having seems to be making me sicker than I was in the first place.
For the record, this sucks. I have been sick since December 16th-ish. Thought I was getting better until I left the apartment and came to work today. I’ve been debating off and on trying to go to the doctor. I think maybe this next week will finally be the deciding factor on that.

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