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Matt Iseman

This physician-turned-comedian should be easy to recall for you reality tv nuts out there. He’s only one of the guys on Clean House.

He quit being a physician because he grew to love making people laugh. He doesn’t practice anymore, but does frequently entertain other doctors with his personal stories. On Clean House, he is the go-to handyman. When he works on a project, it doesn’t seem as though there is anything wrong with him.
Oh, and according to his bio on the Clean House site, he really likes breakfast.
I will let this interview, featured in Headlines from the Arthritis Foundation, speak for Iseman:
Matt noticed symptoms of pain in his hands and feet during the summer of 2001. First he went to a podiatrist and received some medications for his feet. He then moved on to cortisone injections and continued taking aspirin. But when the symptoms didn’t go away, Matt finally had blood work done. The tests came back confirming that he had an aggressive case of RA.
“My pain was so bad I even tried acupuncture. The acupuncturist stuck 67 needles in me…I became my own voodoo doll!”
So what is Matt’s “Prescription for Laughs?” It’s the name of his stand-up routine that he performs at physician conferences. He also performed at the Arthritis Foundation National Development Conference in 2006, where he joked about his rheumatoid arthritis and had the room in stitches. “I like to use the jokes to give others with the disease hope and to thank those who work to create the cures that benefit me,” says Matt.
When he performs in the medical setting, Matt strives to make people laugh because he wants them “to understand that living with a chronic disease doesn’t mean life is over.” Matt also says that “I want to thank the doctors, nurses, scientists and the volunteers who have tirelessly worked to find these new treatments that have helped me out so much.”
Laughter is definitely one of the best forms of medicine. For more on Matt and what he’s up to lately, please visit his website.

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