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I had asked about it a few months ago after a visit with my rheumy. In the interim, I’ve found out that my great uncle’s oldest daughter (first cousin once removed?) was diagnosed with RA not too long ago. I also found out that she’s on Plaquenil and so sick from it that the aggressive arthritis might be better… Not very good for a stay-at-home mom of four.

Needless to say, I probably won’t be taking Plaquenil. It also has sulfides in it, which no one in m family tends to handle very well… especially my mom. And lucky for me, I’ve got most of her allergies.
At this point though, I’m already sick to my stomach non-stop, so what’s the harm, right? The thing is, if I feel like laying around and not doing anything now, what’s going to happen if I take that?
I have like zero energy right now. I’ve had this terrible pain in both of my arms, all the way up through my neck and even sometimes into my head. Over the past couple of days, I’ve also had problems with my chest hurting… and zapping pains… and no appetite.

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