Plaquenil, Day One

So I took my first Plaquenil last night… I slept like a baby. I was ready to be up and awake at 5 this morning, but slept a little later. I was still out of bed by 6:45, which is at least 15 minutes earlier than normal.

I felt really prepared for my day and focused on my classwork. The only problems I had all day with the medicine were related to nausea. If that’s the only problem I’m having with initially starting a medicine that’s chemically more complex than anything else I’ve ever had in my body is awesome. It just really managed to heighten senses already there – if something makes me feel nauseous, it did it to a worse extent today. But if that’s all I have to deal with – spidey senses 🙂 – than, I’m down with that.

Also, my hands aren’t swollen at all. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

I enjoyed a great night with the boyfriend because I wasn’t focused on being in pain and trying to avoid thinking about it. Today was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had, and I’m so overwhelmed right now.

*deeeeeep sigh of relief*

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