Side effects

So I am pretty sure my recent stomach problems are related to my new meds. How annoying! I find something that helps my RA and cheers me up and lets me live a more normal life, only to have similar stomach problems to before when I was taking way too much Aleve and ibuprofen.

I am so ready for a day off Sunday. Also I miss my sister. Not seeing her really since I moved is lame. Damn work and school and work and sleep.

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  1. I had stomach problems as well on Plaquenil. I am currently taking only 100 mg a day and I don't think it is causing any stomach problems at that dose. Of course, I also don't think it is a very therapeutic dose either. I hope things settle down for you.

  2. That sucks, what does your doctor say about it? im sure there's anti sickness tabs you can take until your body ajusts..

  3. Hmm, I guess I'd rather have stomach issues than the really bad days I was having.

    I haven't actually talked to my doctor about it. I need to find a new one. It's hard to get in touch with her, because she works the same days as my busiest days. Oh, and not only is she an hour away, but she also doesn't seem to actually care about me… which is really frustrating, because the first time I went she was really nice… but I also had my mom in the room with me, so I wonder if that had anything to do with it :-

    So yeah, I think my goal for the week is to set up a new rheumy here in Madison, which shouldn't be hard because the University hospital is amazing.

  4. Madison, Wisconsin? That's where Garbage recorded their albums. Yeah.. a bit off topic. but that's pretty cool if it's the same Madison.

    I'd talk to a doctor and just keep bugging them. It's their job to sort you out. So yeah.. keep at it!

  5. Yeah it's the same Madison. One of my old friend's mom actually used to hang out with the lead singer at bars, or so I'm told. I loved Garbage back in the day. Have you heard of the Violent Femmes? They're from the Milwaukee area and are pretty good too – more like the Ramones than Garbage though.

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