Ode to my left knee

Dear left knee,

I know that I was really stupid when I was younger. Climbing on shopping carts without enough weight to balance my body and getting a cart flipped on you was probably pretty crazy of me. It hurt pretty hardcore, but hey we got a free bag of ice out of it.

We’ve been through a lot together – sleepless nights, painful hikes, experiments with ace wraps and the like. We’ve also been experiencing this new medication together. I know you don’t get to see/deal with how sick it can make me – when I’m not eating as much as I should or decide to contort like a normal person.

So far though, this medicine is being a good experience I think. You aren’t hurting as often. When you do hurt, it’s less than it usually has been. I’m hoping it stays that way, because I cannot handle another weekend like I had a few weeks ago.

So, left knee, keep up the good work!

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