Help! I need somebody

This next edition of the Patients For A Moment blog carnival is hosted by Possibilism, and the topic is all about help.

First, let’s get one thing clear. I hate having to ask for help. I am my own person, and very much into making things work on my own. But sometimes it’s an inevitable part of life, especially for those of us facing chronic illnesses.

Usually if I ask for help, it’s with little things that I just don’t feel like fighting – like opening jars and packages. I tend to avoid cooking as well, not just because my boyfriend is an awesome cook but also because of how difficult it can be to grip cookware and my tendency to drop things.

And even then, I’m mainly asking my boyfriend to help me out with things. Asking anyone else is absolutely out of the question.

Often, I feel like asking for help means I’m not good enough (or normal enough) to complete said task. And there’s no way I’m openly admitting that to some random person.

But I have to learn more how to cope with needing help. We’ll see how long that takes me to learn.

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  1. I too struggle with the 'help' issue. It frustrates me so much I am not always able to do for myself as I once could. We get over it though when we want's us a pickle bad enough! LOL Tammy

  2. It is easy to ask for help on the little things, but the bigger things – yeah, that's more difficult.

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