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It seems to me that people on the outside of the fiasco that is the United States’ healthcare system think that everyone is working fine. Sure, sometimes people have to pay more for care/treatment, but we have a system that works and doctors who do their job correctly.

But the truth is so far from that. Yes, there are doctors who do a great job, who go above and beyond to help their patients. But the vast majority of them seem to either be in bed with pharmaceutical companies or disinterested in the experiences/problems of their patients.

My doctor is nice enough. And he’s succinct, which I really like. But he also is so far removed from what is going on with me and my body often. All I have for pain is 600mg ibuprofen, which half of the time doesn’t work – be that because of the intensity of the pain, the way it makes me sick to my stomach, or the tolerance built up after years and years of taking that as a normal dose. He’s convinced that narcotic pain relievers are wrong. Or, at least, that I need to get them from a primary care doctor and not from him.

If you’re a rheumatologist, you’re probably the only doctor that some of your patients see. Insurance payments and co-pays suck too much to pay double for basically the same amount of care.

Also, apparently my insurance won’t cover my eye doctor appt from a few weeks ago? And I’ve never gotten my full list of co-pay due for past visits to my rheumy. How odd.

But I digress. If you’re a doctor geared specifically to people in horrible amounts of pain, you should probably be willing to help them out a little more with the relief. Just sayin’ the truth.

The system doesn’t work – it’s broken. Programs don’t help those of us who need it the most. And still, we have to listen to people (with more money than at least 80% of the rest of us) talk about the horros of nationalized health care. I don’t care how long I have to wait for an appt, as long as I can get one and actually get the help I need.

/end rant/

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  1. I have three words of advice to you, that will help so so much: Pain Management Doctor. Get one. They know and believe pain is real. Good luck.

  2. Yeah i dunno it always seems to be hit and miss. I've had nothing but great care from the british national health service, can't complain. Had to wait 2.5 months for my initial appointment but since then they've been awesome. My rheumy rocks she even calls me herself. But at the same time I know people who have had terrible treatment, one friend was told she had to wait 4 weeks to get a steroid injection!! I got mine pretty much next day when I needed it. It varies so much.. can you not swap doctors? It sounds like you need better pain management for sure!

  3. Miranda, I hear ya. But I'm pretty sure my insurance won't cover it at all. It didn't do anything for my opthamologist appt either, but then again I also don't think she's in-network.

    Yeah, I'm definitely thinking I need to shop around a little more for a better doctor. It seems like all he cares about are how labs and such are 'showing' I'm doing, but actually having a conversation with me seems really out of the way for him.

    I often question why I moved from a medical marijuana state to one where they won't even really consider considering it.

  4. I have fired more doctors than I care to count. I finally have a rheumy who does not doubt my pain. He treats it as I relay it to him. Now that may change in the future, who knows. If it does, I'll fire him too. Find yourself a pain management doctor if your doc won't prescribe for you. Best of luck. Tammy

  5. Sing it, sister.

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