Running Through the Rain

Sometimes you just need to run through a rainstorm.

I am a firm believer in the fact that everyone needs to have some spontaneous fun sometimes. And what could be better than running through a rainstorm?

Yesterday was my third Humira shot. I was running short on time so I couldn’t tape it. Hopefully next time though. I think it is helping after all. This morning my fingers were the thinnest and longest looking I’ve ever seen them. It was amazing. I wish it lasted a little better though. But still, to have loose skin on my fingers is awesome 🙂

I’m getting excited about moving. Just two more weeks! Today, I spent my pre-work hours packing up my DVDs, CDs, and books. So now I just have my knick-knack things to go through and my clothes to finish. I gotta decide what all I’m going to use in the next two weeks. Maybe I’ll just wait to do that last.

I can’t wait to get everything moved over and set up in our own place. Wake me up on the 23rd so I can finish packing!

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