upper body


It’s not like I’m not stranger to the pain my arthritis causes. I’ve dealt with it for almost 18 years now and I’d like to say that I think I handle it pretty well. But this change to affecting my hands more is still driving me absolutely bonkers. Like seriously, this is way too different body. I do so much more with my hands because I can’t do as much with the rest of my body.

It’s like all those little tiny spots in my hands, all those small intricate bones, are all swollen and painful. And it’s like I don’t know what to do at this point. Maybe when my insurance renews in August I can switch to a primary doctor away from the university itself so I can get some sort of pain medication. Until then I guess this is my life.


And now I feel fat…well, ish.

I had to measure myself for some new work clothes we are getting and seeing the change in inches from high school to now is… well, disheartening. I know that weight is not the thing to be concerned with for me, as it fluctuates a lot because of swelling. But the inches are a different story. It’s also much more telling of how the steroids have added weight. I’m well-proportioned so I don’t really notice normally. And now I feel lame. And fat. And ready to kick up the cardio.

Well, cardio that doesn’t include gripping anything that is.

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