RA Superbitch

I found out about RA Superbitch’s passing a few days ago. I did not know her all that well and we only had contact a few times, but she was so inspirational. She stood for strength and the ability of someone to handle some of the most difficult problems one can be handled in life.

I think that it’s hard to deal with anyone’s passing, especially someone that you looked up to. I was shook by news of her death. I knew she had not been well, even for a spoonie, for a while but I don’t think anyone in the blogging world expected her death. Or the two recent suicides from others suffering from RA in one of the support groups I’m a part of – RA Chicks.

Death cannot always be looked on as horrible though. I think the reason we see that is we are selfish. We are angry that we no longer have that person’s presence in our lives – and sometimes jealous that we aren’t the ones relieved from pain. At least, I found myself thinking that, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

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