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Day 6: Taking the high road #NHBPM

I am supposed to write about a time I had to take the high road. This being election day, the prompt seems fitting no?

I could go on and on about why I voted for who I did by tearing down the other main opponent. I could talk about how I vehemently disagree with like everything one candidate does. But I am taking the high road and instead talking about the awesomeness of the man I voted for.

The things that Obama is doing with health care reform really are the major reasons that I cast my vote for him on Friday. A few years ago, I contacted an insurance company in an attempt to get insurance. This had to be like spring of 2008. I was told due to my illness that the insurance through this company would have been about $2,000 a month and – this is my favorite – it would NOT cover anything related to my Still’s… since it’s a systemic disease in all honesty it would not have covered jack shit. When Obama began to run for president, he discussed the issues with preexisting conditions that he had dealt with in his own family. I knew that he would do something, he would right this wrong.

He supports research with stem cells, something that could hold a key for helping us to develop better drugs and even perhaps cure some of these autoimmune diseases. It could be a very exciting situation if it actually would be able to go through with any of the studies here in the US would be able to go through…

I won’t talk about the negative effects on the chronically ill if a person who believes that having an emergency room as health care for the poor is adequate gets elected… I may have just lost the high road. Oops!

I vote my conscience. I think about the things that will affect the people that I know, the friends that I have. What president will be better to help my friends like Sick Mama who is left in an emergency room for hours on hours screaming in pain but no one will help her because of no insurance? Which one will be better for my niece and my sister?

All I know is I have to go pick up a pizza and break open the vodka in the pantry so that I can make it through tonight because damn. As a political science minor, my stomach is crazy on edge.

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