Day 8: How to approach writing about others #NHBPM

I took the day off yesterday you guys. I was having too much fun celebrating the election results and using my minor in political science 🙂 In other news, today is a day from Hades as I have 3 doctors appointments and one tomorrow morning. I’m writing this really Wednesday night cause there is just no way at all. Why?

My Thursday schedule roughly:

  • 7am – wake up
  • 715 – actually wake up after hitting snooze
  • 8 – get in shower and quickly dash to West Clinic
  • 9 – GP appt to figure out why I’ve had a sore throat for 1.5 weeks before I shoot up my Enbrel and cause shenannigans
  • ? – get coffeeeeeee ALL THE COOOFFEEEEE
  • 1040 – Rheumy NP to hopefully go over neck x-ray and med options
  • 12 – no more caffeine or naps 🙁
  • 12-7 make out with my fiance and maybe eat something too? Maybe.
  • 715pm – report for sleep study
  • 7am Fri – sleep study done!
  • 10 – therapist to unwind
Um, yeah. The caffeine issue is… well, an issue. Especially as I’m off my muthafuckin’ sterrrroidddssssss 

Anyway, on to today’s post!

I am supposed to write about how you chose to write about others in your blog. I guess I might as well bring up the fiance!

At first, my blog writing was mostly for him and so referring to him so blatantly would have been weird for others reading. I tend to write my blog like I’m writing for an invisible friend or something anyway. As my blog grew, I began to talk about a lot more intimate things and was worried about how this could reflect on our relationship. Thankfully my third party writings have paid off and it’s been fine 🙂

I do try very hard to not name people with the exception of others dealing with autoimmune arthritis. I don’t want to call out anyone who might not appreciate it. I rarely talk about my family, save my sister with her health issues. I may talk about others with whom I have relationships but it’s usually some kind of passive-aggressive letting off steam that I don’t necessarily want them to know is about them… they probably figure it out anyway but oh well I guess?

Obviously if you are friends with or find me on facebook, you’ll figure out who all of these people are for reals – you’ll see my incredible fiance and know about our sex life or see my sister and know about our struggles to handle our health issues for so long. You might even see super cute pictures of my niece!

Do I super try to be covert? No. But I also respect the rights of people to not be involved in my talkings all of the time. And that’s not bad.

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