changing health care

Day 18: The bedside manner police #NHBPM

Today’s prompt is “I want to change THIS about healthcare.”

There are so many things I wish I could change about healthcare. Golly. The biggest issue – and I think we can agree on this – is dealing with doctors who either don’t listen, don’t believe certain conditions are real, or who don’t think you know enough about your own condition because you didn’t go to medical school.

Unfortunately, right now there is little you can do when you encounter these kinds of docs other than to leave them behind in the dust. Some of us go to free clinics or are a part of programs that won’t allow us to switch doctors. For this bunch, I feel saddest of all. There is really nothing to do aside from perhaps report the doctor to some kind of board or website and hope that it gets investigated.

In a perfect world though, we would be empowered patients and be able to do something!

Imagine a world where, when you get a craptastic doctor or nurse, you could compile all the information from your meetings and submit them to a kind of bedside manner and reeducation police. This way doctors would be reprimanded and reeducated if needed when they step out of bounds, don’t listen to your complaints and troubles, or decide you have a fake disease.

The police would be made up of a combination of patients and medical professionals who, able to see both sides of the situation, are better equipped to pinpoint the problems and get the situation under control.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of a world where you could stop feeling helpless about your crappy docs and really do something?

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