Day 29: Goals for 2013 #NHBPM

“If I could accomplish anything/one thing in 2013 it would be…”


Oh? We don’t have a cure yet? Ummmmmmmm….


Well then. I guess I actually have to think here. I have several goals so I’ll just list them all.

I want to lose weight – not for anyone else but myself. I want to really feel as beautiful as I’ll look in August 2014 🙂

Also, I want to find a dress for my wedding – one that I fall in love with instantly and looks great on me and is priced nice.

I want to find a medication that actually works for me and will keep working. And I really really want to do it without Arava or MTX or going back to ‘roids.

I want to not feel like my life is drained because I’m so damn tired or like I have to have a caffeine damn IV to be awake. I’m always so exhausted, thinking of it itself is exhausting. Yeesh.

I want to be able to be active again – to work out, to hike, to play with my niece – all without needing days off to recover. I want parts of the old me back – the one that was excited about exploring instead of tired at just the thought.

Fuck, that is a lot of big goal type stuff right there. Bring it on 2013!

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