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Therapy Thursday: piggie therapy!

My guinea pigs are amazing little guys. They’re resourceful, adorable, and both good at hiding and exploring depending on the situation.

One of my favorite things about them, though, is how helpful they are when I feel crummy.

Okay, so maybe they don’t come scurrying along with their medical kits, but still.

Gus is piggie hell on wheels, but that’s why I love him. He’s silly and loves to explore. He tries to move our couch on his own, even though he’s tried it approximately two million times with no positive result. He loves to play and snuggle with me. Gus is warming up to T, but this little guy is my baby no doubt. He knows it too!

Jaq is my sweetheart. He was the shyest animal I’ve ever met when we got him. He still has his timid moments, but he loves to be held as long as he’s comfortable. He loves to give me kisses and cheer me up when I’m sad. Jaq will explore to a certain degree – when it means finding good spots to hide in a corner.

Oreo is so interesting. He’s a year older than the other boys, but never was held much by his previous owners due to allergies. Still, he’s very interactive. He knows his name very well, coos when you say hi to him using his name, and will follow you around the cage – even running to the side of the cage near the front door when you get home.

All three of these piggies have such different personalities, but I think that’s why I love each of them so much. Jaq and Oreo room together, with Gus nearby, because Gus is a fighter – but not a good one! He always gets his fur bitten and loses fights he picks.

If I want to be silly, I bring Gus out and we crawl around on the floor or on my bed. He squeaks while he explores and it is SO adorable. Sometimes we watch sports.

If I’m sad and I need loves, I pick up Jaq. Sometimes that means picking up his bungalow instead of just him, but he likes that. I’ll give him treats and snuggles, and he give me loves. Sometimes I think he had it hard with the other piggies. When we got them, Gus was very dominant and so Jaq didn’t stand up for himself. Now that’s changing and I can’t help but think he mirrors me a lot.

I’m still figuring Oreo out, and that’s okay. He and I are a work in progress, but that makes it good. Oreo is very vocal about when he’s done being out and chitters to let you know it. He doesn’t bite – not even test bites like the others sometimes do. He also doesn’t like all the food the boys do, so I’m working on getting him to try new things. Sunday he found out blueberries are pretty delicious!

Other than sports buddies, what do these three rascals bring me?

They are my best friends and they love me unconditionally. They miss me whether I’ve been gone for days or hours. They snuggle and kiss and play with me to cheer me up – and they can definitely tell when I need it. They’re honestly my babies, and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything they do for me.

Do you have a pet or pets that help you out? Tell us about them!

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