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Meditation Monday: Happiness, Fun, and Your Life Purpose

There are so many things that we can do for ourselves in a healthy way to feel awesome, from experiencing and giving love to practicing mindfulness. Something as simple as getting outside when you can is really calming and healing, but so is playing and giving back to your community or friends.
Probably the biggest thing we can do to feel healthy is to make changes for the better in regards to our emotions. No one handles their emotions perfectly. That’s part of having emotions, isn’t it?
Changes can be as simple as deciding to recognize your beauty, inside and out (which can include faking it!), or setting new rituals for your morning. If you need help loving your body, check out this 7-day challenge from Blessing Manifesting.
For me, it’s recognizing something that I’ve wanted to do for a while. 
Finding your life purpose is not easy, and not everyone gets there. I’ve been going through some things lately that help signal that I’m ready for a big change.
I’ve been looking for several months at an MA program in health care administration with a focus on advocacy and navigation. I’m excited to say I’ve started the application process! 
This is a big step for me. I’ve been leery of graduate school since my experience with a division of the school I now work for. Going to school in person isn’t something that I can do between work and my health. It’s not feasible right now.
But this online program looks amazing. Even if I didn’t do something related to advocacy with my day job after completing this degree, it gives me more options for employment – and especially to help make some real changes to my local health care systems.
More to come on this as I hear more! Hopefully I get in!
Hey, you should TOTALLY come hang out in Milwaukee with me and cool arthritis peeps over this upcoming long weekend! Amazing people like Britt the Hurt Blogger, Kenz, Melissa from 710.9, and FitAimee will be there!

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