Why Adam Schefter & ESPN need to watch themselves

I’m not saying ESPN is a high level news team with huge integrity, but I didn’t expect to see them stoop to TMZ/Perez Hilton levels of violating patient privacy with a frigging picture of Jason Pierre-Paul’s electronic medical record (EMR).

Jackson Health System has already released a statement about their investigation into which employee leaked this information, since it does show the EMR.

To be clear, I’m not perpetuating the sharing of this EMR and I hope you don’t either. I wouldn’t want people sharing mine this way.

So much is wrong with this.

What genius employee at JHS thought that violating HIPAA was a great idea? Which employee at ESPN gave them the green light to share it once obtained instead of merely citing a source? And when will each of these people along with Adam Schefter be fired?

It also brings up further questions and conversation surrounding who owns the data contained in your EMR. ESPN certainly doesn’t and it may not apply in this particular care, but it could for others.

Regardless you know they’re all getting sued, and so likely is JHS.

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