Three years on: Life without Laura

You, I miss

I can’t believe that it’s been three years since Laura passed away.

Three years?

The hurt is lessening.

I almost wish it wasn’t.

It makes me wonder at what point I’ll forget to make a cake for you birthday or think thoughts of you today.

It seems like it has been much longer than three years. It’s amazing how many things have happened in the interim.

Your death pushed me into advocacy in a way I couldn’t have been involved before.

In losing you, though, I became so lost, so angry.

It’s not fair that you were taken. It’s not fair that a mistake from a hospital cost you your life.

I know that you’re around me much more than I think at times, but I also feel that subsiding. Maybe it’s that I don’t need to rely on you as much, or maybe it’s that others need you more.

Whatever the case, I miss you. So much more than words can express.

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