Lifestyle changes & Chef Mullen

In the past, I’ve been pretty grumpy when it comes to certain lifestyle changes that people try to prescribe for those of us who are chronically ill. We get a lot of well-meaning suggestions that end up making us feel like others don’t understand.
We’ve often already looked into changes you’ve suggested and they either didn’t work or won’t fit with our lives.
It stinks butts.
I want to clear things up, though – I am 110% pro-lifestyle changes as long as they work for you and you’re being safe about them.
I’ve talked a little bit about how I follow a gluten-free diet for many reasons. It doesn’t cure anything but it does help me a lot with pain and intestinal issues. I hope to speak more about this in the coming year.
Doing an elimination diet truly helped me get in touch with the foods that my body cannot handle. My body hates gluten and can only handle milk from certain local places it seems. Dairy, in general, should really be a no-no for me… but when you crave nacho cheese and jalapenos, the fake stuff just won’t do. I’ve also noticed that my body doesn’t enjoy many sodas, save colas featured in a red can or root beer featured in a grey can.
I’m not the only one who sees changes with food and exercise. There are people who can control their illnesses with these kinds of changes alone even, like Chef Seamus Mullen:

I cut sugar, dairy and grains out of my diet and focused on a largely plant based diet supplementing grass fed meat and wild seafood. When it came to booze, I didn’t drink for 2 years (but have since added a little wine from time to time).

Within a year I was off ALL of my medications and there were no longer any signs of RA or any other autoimmune disease in my blood, something I never would have expected a year earlier. As I continued on my journey, my body changed shape; I lost weight, became more flexible, and rediscovered my inner athlete.

I started cycling competitively, riding an average of 150 miles a week, and I started practicing yoga.

Courtesy of Amazon
You should definitely pick up this cookbook. Any diet that says it’s cool to eat chorizo you pan fry with Brussels Sprouts is cool with me!
My concerns have been with people trying to “be healthier” and not necessarily keeping their doctor apprised of everything. Vitamins can have side effects AND counteract or interact with medications. It’s incredibly important to work with any medical professional you see about any and ALL changes you are eager to make regarding lifestyle and eating habits.


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