Packing for trips

Going on trips can be really awesome as long as you’ve packed in the best way for your illness and the type of type you’re taking.
Planning anything with an illness isn’t easy, but this especially goes for packing for a trip – especially one you go on a plane for. 
I have awful luck with checking bags so I try to keep everything to my larger carry-on and my backpack. The amazing packing strategy I have helps:
Take things you can wear multiple times during your trip.

I’m not talking about things like underwear that should only be worn a day at a time, I’m talking things like blazers, pants, etc. Bring enough variety, though, that people don’t necessary question that you’re wearing the same thing. 
For example, pair your pants with flats one day and boots the next. Bonus points if you go for tall boots that will end up covering some of those pants.
In order for this to work, the clothes you bring really have to be more muted. I likely wouldn’t get away with wearing my red plaid pants two days in a week at a conference, but easy staples like black dress pants or leggings will go far.
If I didn’t sweat so much or like fashion, I might only bring a pair of leggings to NYC!
Alas, I’m cursed with the fashion bug.
Still, other things pop up. We get concerned about what illness-related tools we should bring. 
How much K-Tape do I need? Is there room for my Biofreeze and my makeup in my liquids baggie? I’ve had good days lately, but what about bringing my fold-up cane? NYC is a lot of walking.
The best thing to remember is to take things you may not be able to pick up in a store on your trip. Biofreeze comes with me in all cases because I’ve only seen it online. K-Tape can be found at many places like Target. My badass House cane? We’ll see how I feel.
Do you have any packing tips for trips?

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  1. Thanks for the packing tips! In general I am not a good packer, most of the time I over pack my stuff because I can not decide what actually I want to take. Best regards

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