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Compassion Meditation

Devote five to twenty minutes to a simple compassion meditation. Start by visualizing someone toward whom you easily feel compassion, and silently repeat the words May you be happy and free from pain and suffering. Now visualize yourself and mentally repeat the same thing. Next, visualize someone toward whom you have neutral feelings while repeating the same well wishes. After that, visualize someone for whom you have trouble feeling compassion, to help extend the goodwill you’ve fostered toward them. End the meditation by extending your well wishes to everyone on the planet, with these words: May all living beings be happy and free from suffering.

I love compassion meditation. Quite honestly, it’s the one meditation I tend to practice the most.
The only hard time I have is picturing those I don’t get along well with.
I go for big fish instead of the guppies that are easier to catch.
Have you done this type of meditation before?

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