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The energizer piggies!

Tell us about three people who always make you feel energized and inspired by spending time with them.

It’s funny who and what we consider to be energizing, isn’t it?
Coffee? YES.
Parents? Not so much.
Other people? It depends for this mix of intro- and extrovert.
My guinea pigs? Always.
From left to right: Oreo, Jaq, and Gus
These three boys have the power to cheer me up, calm me down, and give me energy on my worst fatigue days. 
They never fail.
Before I started on antidepressants about this time last year, I had a really rough couple of days. I would never do anything to my babies, but I started thinking about what would happen if I did.
And it was really gross and scary. I hated every minute of it. My dreams were awful.
The good news is that this helped me get help I really needed both in the form of meds and restarting therapy.
These boys are 110% the reason I’m here right now.
I know that not everyone views animals as equal to human life like I do. This whole concept of guinea pigs saving my life probably sounds strange if you’re one of those people. If I had a puppy, though, would the reaction be different?
I guarantee it.
These three boys are as much a part of my life and my thoughts as any human child I may have in the future could be.
They just have the added bonus of giving me energy instead of taking it away.

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