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No Foolin’ – you can join me to kick arthritis right in the teeth

I have been chosen as the Adult Honoree for the Walk to Cure Arthritis – Dane County
Thanks, NY Mag!
Being diagnosed as a child with arthritis is difficult. There are a lot of parts of life that are hard to fit in when you’re ill from school to religious institutions (if you’re so inclined) to work. One of the biggest things that has gotten me through all the ick has been sharing it all with you.
And doing cool thing because of it.
My arthritis and chronic pain have led to some pretty badass things, like heading to DC, Stanford, and NYC, so I won’t actively spend time hating it… 
It still sucks, though.
As the Adult Honoree for this event, I am asking for your support. How can you help? 

Not sure if you should? Lemme lend you a hand.
Arthritis is America’s #1 cause of disability
  • Arthritis impacts more than 50 million Americans (1 in 5 adults) and 300,000 children (1 in every 250).
    • In Wisconsin, the disease affects over 1 million residents, including 6,000 children.
  • Two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65.
  • Arthritis in children can cause eye inflammation and growth problems; it can also cause bones and joints to grow unevenly.
  • Each year, arthritis costs the U.S. economy more than $156 billion. 

Arthritis is a serious health problem
  • There are more than 100 different forms of arthritis.
  • Arthritis limits physical activity more frequently than heart disease, cancer or diabetes.
  • Some forms of arthritis are autoimmune with inflammatory conditions that can affect the joints, muscles, eyes and internal organs.
  • Each year, arthritis results in nearly 10,000 deaths.
Thanks, SCV Arthritis & Autoimmune!

About the Walk to Cure Arthritis
  • The Arthritis Foundation’s Walk to Cure Arthritis is an annual, nationwide event that supports our mission of finding a cure and championing the fight against arthritis with life-changing information, advocacy, science, and community. 
  • Funds raised through events nationwide support our work to speed up the timeline to a cure while also fighting for everyday victories.  Every dollar raised helps pave the way to a lifetime of better.
  • On Saturday, May 7th at Vilas Park in Madison, residents will participate in the Walk to Cure Arthritis and experience the power of standing together to fight arthritis and giving back to the community.
  • To learn more about the Walk to Cure Arthritis or to register, visit

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