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We’re down to the final two big name celebrities (that I can find) with RA. Look for those sometime soon.

Unfortunately I’m super exhausted and it’s only Monday night (Tuesday morning?). My right shoulder started aching like crazy Friday night and it’s been pretty difficult to keep the pain under control – something made worse my pain in my knees and ankles. I’ll be honest, I’m trying to not take medicine as often because I know I’m taking more than the recommended dosage. I also know that I’ve built up a tolerance and have to take more in order to get the desired effect.
One of the most useful tools in my pain-fighting arsenal is a minty roll-on liquid. I have no clue where or when my mom found this wonderful thing, but it has definitely saved my sanity on more than one occasion. There is a spray and a roll-on. I only have experience with the latter. I have only ever had two problems with it – reaching the right spots on certain joints (i.e., my shoulder) and a minimal amount of spill-age. That said, the product is a wonderful thing to keep with you just in case you have a flare up that doesn’t seem to respond as well to medicine… or if, like me, you have a somewhat unhealthy relationship with your OTC pills.
Oh, and courtesy of my friend Shelby, please enjoy these pillows. {Because of Shelby’s awesomeness, you can expect a new feature on most posts – a funny, random thing to make you smile. 🙂 }

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