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Happy Fourth!

Having seen the effects that fighting in the military and American exceptionalism have had on soldiers and the nation as a whole, I think it’s kind of overrated, but whatevs.

So I’ve been looking for an apartment for a while here. The other day I went to see one that I did not know was wheelchair accessible… Or, if I did, I forgot/didn’t understand exactly what that meant. It scared me to see everything down low – not because I have anything against people in wheelchairs, obviously. But that’s always been one of my biggest fears. And I was confronted with it, without warning.

Hello panic attack!

The lady emailed me to see if I was still interested. I’m still unsure of how to respond. I think I would be way too uncomfortable to live there.

I’m sure that the situation with my knees is not helping at all. They seem to be getting worse and worse, despite anything I’m doing. Maybe I need more ice? More heat? More movement? More rest? Who the hell knows. At this point, I’d probably settle for a sucker punch to the knee caps.

The boyfriend moved into his new apartment this weekend. I’m actually surprised at how not tired I am physically. Sure, I might be sleepy, but I also had to get up at 5am, so there’s that. My knees aren’t really hurting any extra today than they have been. He’s really good at handling the arthritis, especially since reading about the Spoon Theory. Friday, he decided that he should buy me extra spoons. So sweet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I haven't read much of your blog , just today's in fact, but noticed that you have Still's. A form JRA, right? Doctor's thought that's what my kids have but it was Lyme. I have since learned that most cases of JRA is Lyme. The two Lyme tests (ELIZA and Wester Blot) are garbage. They only test for 10 strains of Lyme while there are over 300 in the USA! Just a thought that is kindly meant that may help relieve some of your physical and emotional pain. I wish you the best.

  2. They did believe that I had Lyme Disease as a small child. However, they did several tests and that is not at all what I've got. The symptoms and such match up perfectly with Still's anyhow.


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