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Self-Care Sundays: focus on you

I picked up a workbook on PTSD and looked at another workbook with my therapist. We both agreed that working in at least one book would be a great idea for me to feel like I’m making progress between appointments. It’ll be interesting, because I’m used to overanalyzing negative aspects of my character or mistakes but not just analyzing how I feel or how I’m really dealing with things.

I’m going to challenge you to tackle at least one of the following things for yourself this week.

Has my talk of toxic/negative people resonated with you? Check out how to let go of toxic relationships and rediscover yourself from Tiny Buddha. There are even tips on what to do if you are forced to be around these people. I recognize that not everyone can escape these people. A huge part of why I share my experiences, both with toxic people and illness, is because I know people need help and that talking about these things can be so helpful. After reading this article on helping others who aren’t as privileged, you might too.

Have you been intrigued by my posts about meditation? Check out how it can help you release stress & find emotional freedom.

Are you working on how to like yourself too? Head over to read how to master self acceptance from Mind Body Green.

Do you find yourself scared to handle new things, even though they’d be amazing for you? Check out this piece on getting comfortable with uncertainty in the face of new possibilities. While you’re at it, why not check out this article on letting go of expectations and this one on letting go of control too? If you identify with these things, you may be an overachiever – and there are ways to get better!

Are you hella stressed out but have a tight budget that won’t budge for relaxation items? Find cheap ways to unwind here. On that note, read about the five things to remember when life feels insane and these nine practices to make your life less stressful. This are all great ways to give yourself a break! Your morning routine can be used to lessen your anxiety too – I wish I knew that a while back! If that doesn’t work, maybe this article on ceasing fear will.

I’ve talked a lot about creating healthy boundaries, and I found this article on the subject just in time.

This article is supposed to be about how to become a morning person, but it really just encourages me to get up and do something! This one helped me learn about staying more in the present, something that is SO important with anxiety and depressive disorders. If you’re looking for scientific reasons to head outside, you can learn much more here!

No matter what things you struggle with, come read this piece about the key to loving yourself, other people, and life. You’ll be happy you did! Maybe it will inspire you to tell someone else that you love them or inspire you to be a better, more present friend.

I’d love to hear more about the challenge you decided to take on and how you feel it helps you.

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