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The Fight Ableism Prayer

Sometimes I get really tired in my fight against ableism.
It’s hard especially when our government makes it clear they don’t care whether we live or die. One of the biggest ways they show this isn’t just with the AHCA, but with how we are treated when we try to stand up for ourselves.
In the fight against bigotry, we may lose sight of why this matters and why we need to fight for ourselves and our future. People without chronic conditions or disabilities generally aren’t prepared to hear about the issues we face, especially because equality can feel like discrimination when you have privilege.
I developed the prayer below based on the Lord’s Prayer to help reinforce my inner strength to fight the ableds. I hope it helps you, too.
O, universe, all around us,
Help me fight the ableds.
Help them to listen more than they talk.
Let them learn how to be allies,
instead of harming, assuming, and speaking for us.
Give us this day our daily meds, physical therapy, and grounding exercises.
Help oppressors understand our tone,
As we don’t tone police ableds and other perpetrators of oppression.
Lead us not towards ableism and harm in our communities,
But help us identify the -isms and -misias therein.
Disability is a naturally occurring state.
The future will be accessible.
Nothing about us without us.


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  1. What a great prayer.

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