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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

'check yourself before you wreck yourself' in yellow; 'not standing still's disease' in white below that; set against a blue filter over a photo of my feet in black flip flops against a brown clinic floor
I saw the rheumy today as planned. I was a little concerned that she would chastise me for not adhering to a Mediterranean diet.
To be honest, I was more concerned that she would be upset that I wasn’t really eating due to a lack of appetite, but I forget how awesome she is sometimes.
“It’s okay to just snack. Who says you need full meals all day? Just get something in there.”
That eased a lot of concern I had around my diet stuff. We talked about my shoulder, too, and how I need to let her know if it’s still bad by the end of the month. She’ll plan on injecting it to help stop it from going full frozen shoulder again.
Otherwise, I don’t have to see her again until January… though, knowing my body, I’ll need a more urgent visit sometime in the fall at the very least.
me in a reddish-purpleish shirt in front of a brown clinic wall with boring art behind me; a snapchat filter has turned me into a unicorn with a white horn, white ears, and white glasses, as well as adding a bit of rainbow to various parts of the photo
I’ve had a really busy schedule this week – so busy that I’ve been ignoring pals to do self-care. It makes me feel rotten, but I also needed to do it. I had a boudoir shoot yesterday (which was SO FUN!) and, while prepping for that, found a scary mole change on my pubis.
While I talk about this kind of stuff more at Chronic Sex, it’s worth mentioning here, too – check things checked out.
I’ve always had a mole there. Hell, when I had chicken pox, one grew under the mole! I honestly thought it was a cute thing – until I looked down while grooming and saw that the pinprick mole had turned into something the size of the end of my pinky.
*Cue internal screaming from a sexuality educator*
I decided that it would be good to call my primary care doc’s office to see when I could get in. There’s usually a fairly long wait and, while this didn’t hurt, I wanted to try to get there as soon as I could. It turned out that she had a midday appointment today so I made my way from one appointment to another.
It turns out that I have Seborrheic Keratosis, which is just a fancy term for a benign (but scary-looking-to-newbies) skin growth. It can itch and get waxy feeling, so I have to be careful not to scratch it off!
While I was there, I brought up some pelvic pain that’s woken me up in the middle of the night. The pain is intense and often feels similar to the spasms I get in my back, but they’re in my bladder or somewhere in my reproductive system.
Right now, the thought is this is indeed bladder spasms, but we want to make sure there are no other issues going on. We did an impromptu pelvic exam today as well as tests for a variety of things – sexually transmitted infections, bacterial growth, etc. I also go for a transvaginal ultrasound on the 24th to rule out any growths or cancer within my business.
It feels weird to be a sexuality educator with ‘pelvic pain’ listed as a health issue in her chart. That said, I’m glad I brought this up today. It’s been an off-and-on thing for a while and, combined with the skin thing, was enough to scare me at the very least.
Get yourself checked out anytime you think something isn’t right. I would never have known my giant mark was Seborrheic Keratosis otherwise. Like the article I linked to above states, it’s scary for people to see this randomly and is often mistaken for a cancerous growth.


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